Dr. Tolin is a highly sought-after speaker for professional groups, community agencies, and consumer groups. 

Some of his workshops have included:

  • Buried in Treasures: Understanding and Treating Hoarding Disorder
  • Face Your Fears: Conducting Good Exposure Therapy Across Diagnoses
  • Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders
  • The Science and Practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing: Helping Clients Get Unstuck
  • Treating Trichotillomania and Skin-Picking Disorder
  • CBT for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

See Dr. Tolin at the Nobel Forum, Stockholm


Dr. Tolin consistently draws high attendance and receives excellent training reviews. A rare combination in a trainer, Dr. Tolin is both entertaining and expertly informed. His presentations are organized, easy to understand and engaging. Attendees leave with a thorough understanding of the topic and valuable take-away skills to enhance their clinical practice. 

Aili Arisco, Connecticut Women's Health Consortium

The evaluations were great: “What a performance! Not only was this a thorough review of CBT for these OCD-related disorders, but also very entertaining!”  “This was exactly what our outpatient clinic needed to begin treatment with these patient groups!”  “An excellent combination of the most recent research and great clinical advice from one of the most skilled lecturers I have ever listened to!”

Linda Juris, Ph.D., KBTPsykologerna, Uppsala, Sweden

Dr. Tolin has a gift of being able to present difficult and in-depth material in a down-to-earth manner that makes it interesting and easily understandable. We look forward to the opportunity to have Dr. Tolin speak for us again!

Marnie Mathews, North Shore Elder Services, Danvers, MA

Dr. Tolin is a dynamic speaker on the subject of hoarding, inspiring clinicians to a call to action.

Theion Perkins, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health